The Flying Physio

When Kennedy Lay moved from Melbourne to Perth in February 2021, he realised how vast Western Australia is and wanted to use his skills as a physiotherapist and commercial pilot to bridge the gap for rural allied healthcare.

“I have seen rural country folks driving 5-6 hours to see a specialist/clinician in Perth, our vision is to reverse that and break down the rural healthcare barrier a lot of these people have to face,” Lay said while speaking with Allied Magazine.

“Our staff fly out in the morning and return in the evening, which is an important part of the Fly2Health business model to retain staff while providing variety in their work. A lot of clinicians want to do rural work because it’s so, so rewarding but the barrier of living out there, away from family is monumental, our service delivery model allows clinicians top reside in Perth, but still deliver important services rurally.”