Fly2 Health Group is pleased to announce our partnership with Trillion Trees Australia.

Trillion Trees Australia is a Western Australia-based organisation established in 1979 as Men of the Trees. It has planted over 15 million trees since its inception and plans to ultimately plant one trillion.

Fly2 Health will play its role in helping to achieving this goal and plant one tree for every single outreach trip that we conduct. We are committed to offsetting our carbon emissions through this partnership and have retroactively donated 150 trees.

Separately, we have started to explore the possibility of using aircraft that burn Kerosene, a more environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional aviation fuels. Furthermore, we continue to follow developments in the electric aircraft space as a further means of reducing our impact on the environment.

“We acknowledge environmental sustainability is one of the biggest issues we are facing in the coming decades, and if I want to promise my future children to have a life as great as ours, we need to take action,” Fly2 Health Group Managing Director Kennedy Lay added.